Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Indian cinema scenario

A sequel to this post.

A famous actor (who has worked in Bollywood and Tamil cinema) said this in one of his interviews.

"It was my first movie and I was working with the great director X. I was all excited when he called me and offered me the role. One the first day of shooting, he came to me and said "Dont go act there. OK? When you are out there in front of the camera, dont act." It took me a moment to understand what he said. I am also glad that I was able to fully comprehend his message and do justice to my roles."

These are the elements that bring out movies with class. However, in recent bollywood movies, movie quality is an afterthought. People are merely "acting" here. Hopeless.

And then the music. Its either a dik-chik version of some old song. Or, if you are slightly unlucky, it will be a dik-chik version of another dik-chik song. Or worse, It will be a song with the same music from a totally unrelated movie in a different language. That means, there is every possibility that music composed for one song in some language, will be used over and over again till it has made its appearence in all languages. Then, it will be handed over to the DJs to embellish it further. Jeez...!!!

And then there is this cheap pornography element that is being forced into every movie. The latest joke is that Hollywood is finding this embarassing.

Where are we heading?


Mohan said...

thanks for the taking it further

let me guess who the actor was..Anil Kapoor isnt it?..and the movie..Pallavi Anupallavi..rite?

I think the basic concept of entertainment is to make people be aware of your talent and showcase it in a manner that u are most comfortable with and true to. The current scene is so inverted that what the audience demands, Bollywood obliges instead of focussing on original ideas and invention. The only way from here is the path to doom.

There was a time I felt proud of Indian cinema. I just dont want to lose that pride.

the k factor said...


That was Madhavan talking abt his debut in "Alaipayuthey".

Gowri said...

Anil Kapoor has acted in Tamil movies too??? Pallavi Anupallavi was a Kannada movie right? Directed by Balchander...