Saturday, March 26, 2005

Spring break...!

Spring break is here...!!!. That means a week of nothing. A week to sleep late (i.e. later than 10:00). A week to do whatever you want to.

To me, spring break started with the cancellation of my ticket to Chicago. Due to multiple problems like logistics, cost and timing, the plan had to be revoked. But then, I am not grumbling. I have a whole week ahead of me to go ahead and complete all my work. A time for movies and hobbies. A time I can spend completely for myself without any disturbances. "Quality time with self" is what I have decided to call this week. I have scribbled down a list of "things to be done". Now all that needs to be done is to work that plan. I am yet to take a second look at the list.

Today, we celebrated Holi here. It was good fun, but not quite. Because the important bit was missing. The entire fun of Holi lies in the resistance to it. The real essence of Holi lies in getting "those" people dirty who do not want to get dirtied. However, the people who assembled at Schumann Park today where the ones who intended to get dirty. Unlike in India, where you go around in bikes to find unsuspecting friends, pull them out of their houses, douse them in colored water, drop egg grenades on their heads and create a big galata, we had to play it straight here. No nonsense. We were all limited to Schumann Park.

And if there is something in smearing and getting smeared with blaringly colored powders and end up looking like angry baboons, there is a great deal more in doing all this at 3 deg C. Bloody freezing...!! Thats what it was. Moreover, most of us were in our sleazy old t-shirts meant for holi. With the result, many were huddled in a corner after going through their part, while a few others were dancing ferociously to the tunes of "Rang bharse bheege..." to beat the cold and avoid getting frozen.

Finally it was decided that it was time to leave. After mumbling "buh...buh" to each other, we trundled back home for an ultra hot shower for 15 mins and a generous dose of shampoo. We assembled back in the community hall for a delicious steaming lunch of Pav Bhaji, fried rice and badam milk. Then I got back home for a nice nap.

That was day one of spring break. You never know what tomorrow would bring.

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