Saturday, February 26, 2005

Lesson for the day

Plan to waste time.

You know what pisses me off the most...? Not the fact that I waste time; but the fact that I waste THAT time which I had allotted for work. I then get frustrated about the time wasted and end up wasting more time. Now I have realized my mistake. My mistake was that I had actually not allotted any time for wastage at all...!!! That was the problem. Now I have decided that I have to plan to waste. It's important that you please yourself. It works?!!!


Sinfully Pinstripe said...

And then you will screw it up by working in the time allotted to waste.

Don't bother. Wasting time is an art. And we are all artistes.

Sangeetha said...

Hell that is so true!!! I have experienced this myself. Let's see if your advise works tho. Your posts are very refreshing and profound. Thanks a ton for the link. Keep up the good work. Ciao

Gowri said...

It sure does work Karthik. I remember, my brother would look up at my timetable during study holidays and have a good laugh. After every hour I had a 15 min break marked out, which read TV or munch or simply relax. It spilled over the next quarter hour or so, never more than that. It sure works, because your mind knows that you have set realistic goals for it.