Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lets go Mavs!

Here are a few pics from the Dallas Mavericks VS Phoenix Suns game in Dallas on Feb 17th 2010. Mavs won 107-97. Was great fun, though there wasn't so much screaming and yelling, like I expected!!



Sunday, February 14, 2010

My is name Khan (MINK)

The makers of this movie  “My name is Khan” (MNIK)should seriously consider renaming the movie to “My is name Khan” (MINK), for 2 reasons:

1. It is easier for people to say MINK than MNIK!

2. A person with autism is more likely to say “my is name Khan” than “My name is Khan”.

Other name options:

If the movie was about a person with autism and short term memory loss and directed by Murugadoss, it could be called “is my name Khan?” (IMNK)

If the movie was by Imtiaz Ali, or Ajay Devgan it would have been named it “My naam hai Khan (MNHK)”, keeping up with the trendy movie names such as “Jab we met” and “You, me aur hum”

If the movie was about a person with a severe case of retardation, it would have been more realist to call the movie “…khan…name…um…me…hehe…is…khan….umm…” (…KNUMHIKU…)

If the movie was about a patient of spoonerism, they could have named it “My kame is Nhan” (MKIN)

If it was a James Bond movie, it could be called “The name’s Khan…James Khan!” (TN’sK..JK)

Any other ideas?