Wednesday, April 27, 2005


The past few days have been a fascinating series of amazing exploits about which I have had many profound insights. But frankly, none of it is any of your darned business, so butt out!

End of update.

Too good, Watterson is..!! :-))


Mohan said...

Did Calvin say this to Suzie or his teacher? Or Hobbes to Calvin?

the k factor said...

This is "Memoirs of a 6-year old" written by Calvin.

Sangeetha said...

Too Good :-). With a few alterations I think it will look good on the wall of my cubicle. :-)

the k factor said...

And what are those alterations..?

Sangeetha said...

I guess I will do without the "profound insights". The rest is enough to either rouse interest or plainly dampen it :-)