Sunday, April 03, 2005

Two brothers stuck in a feud
Swore at each other in a language rude
Said one to the other
Hear me oh brother
One more word and I'll have you barbecued!

Its merely just a tissue
So its no big issue
But if you want them
And cant find them
You dont wanna know what will ensue

A tenacious new breed
A canine that just needs to be freed
A prowler in the night
Is quite alright
Thirteen round the navel guaranteed

copyright the k factor 2005


Mohan said...

Is this about Cane and Abel? Or Vali-Sugreeva? and the 3rd verse..whats the significance of 13?

Gowri said...

Shouldn't it be 14? But I guess now they've done away with that treatment. It's just one shot now. :-)

the k factor said...

@ suppu...!! I think its Cane and Abel. Vali-Sugreev wouldn't hav heard of barbecues yet...!!

@ its only one shot...that too for the dog, i think...!!