Thursday, July 24, 2008

N-Deal or P-Deal

Found this article in the Hindu.

What exactly is India rejoicing about? It seems like all the excitement at this time in india is about a government winning a trust vote. For the last 25 years or so, we have not seen a government prove its majority in a trust vote situation. All of a sudden, PM Manmohan singh is being hailed as the greatest PM there ever was. Visionary Leader. "Singh is King". In all this, the real topic seems forgotten. Every news article talks only about the political situation in India, how BJP has brought shame to the parliament, and how the parties have responded about the deal.

Is anyone even thinking about the N-Deal?? Read the 123 agreement? Is the N-deal in India's favor, or is it locking our country into this huge investment? What are its Pros and Cons? Is this opening up our defenses for foreign inspection? Meeting our energy needs? What is this deal doing to our common people?

The whole issue has been turned around into proving which political party is right, and what it will take to stay. Its no longer a N-deal. Its just a deal about who is in power. Should call it the P-Deal. Indeed a black day in Indian politics, and media.


Mohan said...

Its quite simple Gee.

Big bro has the money. Small bro has the candy. Big bro wants the money AND the candy lil bro has. Lil bro doesn't want the money but tragically, doesn't know the value of candy. Big bro knows lil bro doesn't know the value of candy.

The deal: Big bro agrees to pay lil bro to buy the candy. But big bro says, "If I buy the candy from you, I will need to protect it from other boys so that we can 'share' it. I need some security from you for that."

Result: Dim-witted lil bro agrees to pay big bro for "security". And with what? The same money that big bro gave to buy the candy, only in EMIs.

Transpose this logic over international borders and you will get the true picture.

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