Sunday, April 06, 2008

Another week

Another week over. Had to complete a certification exam last friday, and I did...and Passed..!

Nothing much happening this weekend, except for some personal chores, and paying my respects to the horde of credit card companies who send me credit card offers on a daily basis. Its such a hige pile of envelopes, that I have to deal with, from a multitude of companies. I let it accumulate for about a month before deal with them. Why? Cos, shredding isnt exactly fun.

I have a theory that the credit card companies know that a lot of thier credit card offers will endup in the shredder, and adopt a simple trick to counter it. They cant really stop you from shredding them, but they can atleast make sure that you "open" the envelope, before shredding. Chances are that something there catches your eye, and entice you into reading the contents, and chances are that a certain percentage of people who read it WILL sign up for the card.

Mine is a shredder that I bought at Walmart for abt 22 bucks. It can shred 6 pages at a time, says the note on top of the shredder. So credit card companies make sure that their envelopes are fat enough that the entire sealed envelope will not go though the popular 6 page shredder. If you still try to send it throught, it usually goes half way, and gets stuck. Sometimes it goes through entirely, but comes out in one piece on the other end. It just has a lot of ridges on it. By including some junk paperwork, and fattening it up, the credit card companies make sure that you have to actually open it up, and only then shred. Simple, yet effective. "Billions of blue blistering, boiled and barbaqued barnacles! Damn..!!"

I started to read this book called Midnight to Millenium, by Shashi Tharoor, the guy from UN.(Actually, he was the UN Under Secretary General). Its been a very interesting read, so far. Will sumbit a ful review once I complete it.

Next weekend...San diego..!!


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